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Bug Infested Bedsit

At the end of November 2020, we received some devastating news. Sima, an orphanage leaver, aged 27, had died after travelling out of his way to see an old orphanage friend when a tragic argument turned fatal. Envious of Sima's new-found happiness, the acquaintance pushed him though an open window. Sima fell five floors to his death.

Sima leaves behind him a young wife Masha and baby Tolyk who remain in the run-down, bug infested bedsit they shared. You can read more about Masha's situation after we remember Sima...


Sima attended a Love Russia support group for orphanage leavers run by Yan, Nadya, Sasha and Tolyk. He was a quiet, shy and gentle person. Like many of his orphan peers, Sima was labelled as having learning difficulties and was dismissed as useless at a young age. Since joining this group, Sima’s life changed dramatically and quickly! He discovered faith and was baptised last year, he married fellow orphanage leaver Masha and in the summer they had a baby boy. They named him after their mentor, Tolyk

Although poverty still presented struggles for Sima, he was a natural husband and father even though he’d never experienced this himself. With a lot of support from his mentors, both practical and financial, he loved his little family and his new role in life. This situation is heart-breaking but it is a comfort to know that in the last year of his life he came to know Christ, had a family, and experienced love and care from Yan, Nadya, Sasha and Tolyk.


This one-room bedsit with a separate bathroom is the home to Masha and her baby. Over all, it is in a very bad state.

The walls are covered in mould and it is bug-infested. In the bathroom there are no tiles; Masha has taped paper to the walls in an attempt to seal it. Pipes are exposed, which could be dangerous to a crawling toddler. Other than the bed, she has nowhere comfortable to sit and feed Tolyk or read him a story.

The cost of fumigation is expensive, so replacing soft furnishings may be the cheapest option. In addition to the bug problem, we would like to redecorate this small home for Masha and make it somewhere clean and nice for her to raise Tolyk.

We would be grateful for any financial blessings towards this. Any excess would help towards Yan and Nadya's orphan support group running costs.


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