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Children Affected by Addiction

Child mourning the loss of a parent

As manager of the Women’s Crisis Centre, Alina recognises that support for an addicted parent involves aiding the entire household. The Centre’s mission extends beyond mere rehabilitation; it aims to preserve families and prevent children entering orphanages as well as helping children navigate problems that stem from having an addicted parent.

The devastating impacts of parental addiction on a child's development are many. There's emotional damage, physical delays that affect health and often these children are behind educationally. Anger, low self-worth and confusion are common among these children who often grow up to become addicts themselves. Many women helped by the WCC are children of addicts.

Even if a parent achieves sobriety, their children often continue to grapple with the aftermath and is why Alina’s daughter Dasha now provides support for children through the Open Hearts Youth Group.

The impacts are even more pronounced when a parent loses their battle with addiction. Irina, a mum whom Alina previously supported through recovery many years ago, relapsed. This time it was fatal and in April she died. She leaves behind three young children - the eldest is 11-year-old Darya. If she remains in the community of Volkhov, it’s certain she’ll be turning to the OHYG, and soon Legacy Lodge for much-needed support.

We have hope for the children who will go to Legacy Lodge. Dasha and her team are the right people for the job. They will help children unlearn damaging behaviours and beliefs about themselves and instead, show them their potential and preciousness in the sight of God (and them!).

A once-a-week support group doesn’t quite cut it when so much trauma is ingrained and is why, when Legacy Lodge is eventually open, help will be available 24 hours a day.


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