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Deep Emotional Wounds

Today, let’s meet two more young people who will benefit from Legacy Lodge.

Sofia spent time in an orphanage and went on to be fostered while her mum was in prison for drug use. At the foster home she was forced to defend herself from older teenage bullies. Thankfully, Sofia and her mum are reunited but there is a lot of pain in her young heart from 10 years apart.

Sofia needs lots of attention and is very tactile - a need that’s met with many hugs. Despite a distinct lack of 'privilege', she dreams of becoming a surgeon and loves telling her friends facts on human anatomy!

Artem’s father is an alcoholic who constantly tells Artem that he is not his son. This has made him feel unwanted, so Artem lives with his grandmother. He hides his hurt behind a big smile

He came to the group having seen an advert and never misses a meeting. Dasha is teaching him about forgiveness. He still doesn’t trust his parents, but he is now communicating with them. It will be a long road, but there’s hope.

All the children Dasha cares for live in poverty and have deep emotional wounds… “With time and investment in their lives, progress is always made. They know at the group they are accepted, and my biggest joy is sharing with them that God has prepared a wonderful plan and a happy life for them!”

Below you can see the plans for the Legacy Lodge build. With counselling on hand, a hug or a hot dinner, Legacy Lodge will be able to provide the sanctuary these kids need to increase their self-worth and confidence so that they know that in fact, they are worthy of being loved.

The support we want to provide here has already had a life-changing impact on one young man. We’ll tell you about Max next week.


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