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Familiar Violence or Impoverished freedom

Have you ever felt completely stuck between two bad options?

Orina's choices were financial stability and a roof over her head, but remain a victim of domestic violence, or, make herself homeless, lose her children and her job.

"Because of him I lost everything; my relationship with my mother, my kids and my job as a store director. I was not an addict. I had nowhere to live… I wandered through the streets and found entrances to sleep in..." – Orina

Orina is new at the Women’s Crisis Centre. She had no safe or simple means of escape. Since minimum wage in Russia is impossible to live on, starting again, alone, was not an option.

The only way out for them is to come to us." – says Alina (WCC manager) “She will now be supported to be reunited with her children and she has received medical support too having arrived with a severe infection on her leg – but, Orina’s challenges don’t end there - she arrived while heavily pregnant."

Orina’s baby arrived prematurely and has remained in the intensive care unit since birth. The cost of his treatment is around £1,350 per month.

Baby Dima is not entitled to receive treatment in this region as Orina’s documents register her elsewhere, a problem Alina encounters often as many residents have travelled vast distances for refuge. Additional needs like this are overwhelming for the Centre.

Alina has asked for prayer, for the health of baby Dima and Orina, as well as finding the funds for his treatment. If you would like to respond with a donation to this, any amount would be appreciated.


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