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Families with NOTHING need our support 💛

Families who come for help at the Women's Crisis Centre arrive broken, traumatised and desperate for change.

Whether it's because they've escaped an abuser, had the courage to fight an addiction or been rescued from a life on the streets, all are in need of a chance to start over. It requires an overhaul of every aspect of their lives.

Over the next few emails from us, we'll be sharing stories of women whose lives have been devastated by abuse, but who have NOW found hope at the crisis centre we support.


Your sponsorship will contribute towards the care of every resident:

Beds, bedding, towels, clothing, food, nappies, medicines, hospital trips, time spent counselling, parenting classes, education, childcare, improving self-esteem... the list is too long to cover all that Alina and her team do here.

As a guide, £7.50 will support one person for a week and £50 will support a whole family there for a month.


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