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Gift a Future

Legacy Giving

During these recent, turbulent years, our general income has sadly declined... Thankfully, we are surviving this difficult time because of legacy giving.

Thanks to these amazing gifts we have been able to continue to meet our regular commitments - something that would not have been possible without the kindness of those we've lost, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Most recently, as well as sustaining our work, legacy blessings have made it possible to increase regular bursaries for vulnerable families to meet the cost of rising food prices, and topping up the fundraising we did for the land needed to secure both the crisis centres.

Legacies are so important to us. Once your loved ones are provided for, even 1% of your estate, tithed to us as part of your will, can make the difference between us being able to meet a need or not, as well as securing Love Russia's future as a means to help others.

When we are notified of a donation bequeathed, we feel honoured and privileged; aware that God has a purpose for every penny stewarded our way.

Thank you if this is a gift you already have in place, or if it is something you are considering - you'll never know just how much it means to us.


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