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Give Something Different!

This year, as costs increase for people in many parts of the world, we are concerned especially for everyday Russians whose incomes are a fraction of the minimum wage in the UK. Incomes are so low and so disproportionate to what's needed to live there, many struggle to buy food even. So, this year, our Alternative Christmas Gifts are focused on meeting people’s most basic needs: things that their children need, support for the homeless, medical needs and of course, food.

With each gift (for example a 'Kit for Kids' gift) you'll get a card, a certificate explaining what the gift is plus a special Christmas tree decoration, hand sewn by Angie, our Office & Accounts Assistant, and Debbie, ex-CEO and current volunteer!

When you order online, you can choose whether to have the gifts sent to you for giving to your friends and family yourself, or sent directly to your recipients by us, saving you time and postage!

We also wanted to remind you of our online shop that contains art and traditional gifts. Throughout the whole of November, you can have 30% off items bought from our online shop! (not including Alternative Christmas Gifts). Just use this code to receive your discount: 30OFFNOV22

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, that you personally have all you need in these challenging times whilst lifting up in prayer those who struggle to have the basics.


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