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Heating Up the Crisis Centre

Today’s immediate challenge is getting the Women's Crisis Centre ready for winter. Sub-zero temperatures are on the way so it’s vital the heating is on!

The great news is their internal system was completed a while ago and it’s working!

The trickier part was to find a solution to make their system cost-effective in the long term and after A LOT of investigation, this is the only feasible option - getting them connected to mains gas. Sounds simple right!?

For the Crisis Centre in Volkhov, the nearest connection is one kilometre away and is going to cost £50,000.

So, if you’re OK at maths, you will have already worked out that 1000m (1km) of pipe needs to be laid at a cost of £50 per meter.

Can you help?

A £50 donation will get the 50 plus residents one metre closer to reliable warmth in winter. A donation for this would be a great help and set the Crisis Centre up for the future!

As you know, Russia experiences extreme cold. So to be able to turn on the heating and know that families who have taken refuge at the Women's Crisis Centre are safe and warm is a real priority for us. Please pray that this all goes to plan 🙏


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