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Help to Start Over: Meet Ibrahim

It’s not just food, shelter, clothes and rehabilitation the residents need at the Men’s Crisis Centre. At least half of those living there have serious medical issues or ongoing health difficulties that require additional equipment and hygiene products specific to their needs.

Ibrahim is one of many who has needed such care.

An abandoned house in a terrible condition, with no light and no heat, was Ibrahim's home.

Ibrahim was originally from Uzbekistan but came to Russia a long time ago with the hope of being able to find work. This never worked out for him and he remained in complete poverty. Ibrahim found a wife but when this relationship broke down, alcohol became the only thing he got out of bed for, and so started a long binge.

Caring people saw this man and the horrific conditions he was living in and approached the local city administration to see if there was anyone who could help him. They got in touch with the ‘House of Mercy’, the Men’s Crisis Centre, who were asked to take on the care of this lost and troubled man.

They agreed and immediately went to see for themselves the shocking way Ibrahim had been living. Genya and others from the centre, discovered that Ibrahim had been living without documents the entire time he’d been in Russia, explaining why he’d never been able to find permanent work, access healthcare or claim benefits - they also saw that his leg had been amputated so he was physically disabled. He needed help.

Having brought him to the centre, Genya began helping Ibrahim put his life back in order – starting with a thorough wash, new clothes and a haircut!

They've applied for documents and registration of disability which will mean a tiny, but very helpful income.

“The process is slow, but with the help of God we have accomplished everything. Ibrahim now feels stable and has begun looking to the future once more – he wants to return to normal life and even thinks about starting a family one day.”

- Genya

To help Ibrahim it was necessary to provide him with a walking frame. Many of the other residents are elderly and have health conditions too and recently we were sent a list of things they need to help them stay healthy and hygienic.

We aim to help as much as we can with this extensive list. If you would like to contribute, a ‘Medical Essentials’ gift this Christmas would be very welcome and help us achieve our goal of supporting people like Ibrahim, as well as other adults and children helped by our projects!


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