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Hooray! A New Crisis Centre at Last!

We're so delighted! At last the new Crisis Centre is open and accommodating people is need. It's been a long journey - here's how it all happened...

In 2014, the women and children of the Crisis Centre moved from a flat to a single story, tin roofed, run down property (front left of picture). It wasn't ideal but it had space. With some help they made it liveable. As well as that space, an unfinished build lay on the same plot of land (back right) - the main reason they'd moved there. It had no interior walls, floors, ceilings or utilities. At this time, they had no funds so making it their permanent centre remained a dream and in the hands of God.

In 2016, a Love Russia team went to build them a playground and while there, inspected this shell of a building. It definitely had th potential to be a far better facility than the existing one and we left determined to raise the money they needed.

In 2017, fundraising was well underway, and we were able to get started! To help them, men from the neighbouring crisis centre volunteered.

In 2018, another Love Russia team went our to help complete the 1st floor of the building.

It all happened in stages when funds would allow and like so many building projects, there were complications over utilities, insulation and regulations. But, it was all worth it!

2021. In February we received news that the building works were finally finished and just a few weeks later in March, Alina was delighted to announce that furniture had arrived and the women and children had moved in!

Alina said...

"We've waited for this for a very long time. Seven years ago we began dreamt of this new house and for three years it's taken shape. Finally, we have moved in to our fully equipped and comfortable centre!

We invited the past and present residents to celebrate with us. Seeing so many women together who've improved their lives was inspiring and we want to keep going!

Many thanks to everyone who helped all these years and dreamed of such a house with us. A place where every woman who is desperate to fight her difficulties can turn to for help".

If you had the privilege of visiting this project, or read of the incredibly difficult life situations, (namely domestic violence and addictions) which cause women and children to end up here, then you will know how needed and vital this project is.

Please pray for...

  • New residents and their needs.

  • The ongoing struggle to install an adequate heating supply.

  • The teenage club and soup kitchen outreach projects run from the centre.

Support the crisis centre financially here.


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