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Milo - a typical orphan tale

Securing our Shelters this Lent is vital for Milo and other orphans...

Today we'd like you to meet Milo, a 23-year-old orphan.

He was found sleeping rough in a basement of a high-rise building by one of the crisis centre team.

Scared and alone, it was obvious that Milo was in a lot of trouble but had nowhere to go. Evgeny brought him back to the Men's Crisis Centre to get him cleaned up, fed and rested.

After a few days, Milo began to open up. Like so many orphanage leavers without support, his life had catapulted into a downwards spiral towards addiction and homelessness.

Before arriving in the small town of Volkhov, he'd travelled 800km from Pereslavl in search of a friend. When that friend found out that Milo was addicted to drugs, he cut him off and kicked him out leaving Milo homeless. He had no-one to help him, nowhere to be and could not get work because he'd exchanged his identity documents for drugs. Milo had had nothing to eat in a long while.

It's easy to pass by someone with this many troubles, but not Evgeny and the team at the Men's Crisis Centre. They see hope for everyone and live out Jesus' command to 'love one another, as I have loved you'.

Through talking to Milo it was clear he wants change for himself, to have a different life and he is willing to try to get it.

The House of Mercy Men's Crisis Centre is ready for everyone who needs help and wants it.

Help us secure the Men's and Women's Crisis Centers by donating to our Lent Appeal and purchasing the land they sit on. Your support will give orphanage leavers like Milo a chance at a brighter future. Learn more and donate today.


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