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Poverty. A Constant Battle.

You may have read about single, orphan mum Katya before because we've supported her for over four years.

Her support comes through a monthly bursary from us of £25 and a group run by Galina (top left) that we support where she has the friendship of others who are in similar life situations.

Poverty is a constant battle for Katya.

The minimum hourly wage in Russia is around 80p and significantly less if more than 40 hours are worked per week (which Katya does).

Even though she has a full-time position as a secretary, it is impossible for her to make ends meet. She often goes without food in order to feed her son. In the past, we have noticed she was extremely pale - quite possibly because of the endless potato soup that was the only thing she can afford to make.

A recent serious illness, that involved a long hospital stay and recovery period, threatened to worsen her situation. Being part of this group meant she wasn't alone during this time (remember she is an orphan and has no family) and EXTRA financial support from all of us could be gifted to get her through this time.

A £25 monthly bursary makes up a huge part of Katya's income and enables her to buy food and essentials for herself and her child. There are many more like them who are also supported by us in this way.

Could you become a regular giver and help real people like Katya every month? There are a number of other support groups that help orphanage leavers and younger vulnerable children as well as our orphan mums who all benefit from regular giving. Please remember them all in your prayers.


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