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Here's why to say YES to Gift Aid!

say yes to gift aid!

Over the last year, supporters have raised £30,000 simply by saying 'Yes!' to Gift Aid!

This amount is close to covering our support groups' costs. These community-based groups have benefited orphan mums like Odessa and her family as well as young people from impoverished homes through emotional, financial and life skills support.

What an incredible sum considering all it takes is a name, a house number and a postcode from a UK taxpayer!

Those of you who already Gift Aid, THANK YOU. If you have moved or changed your name, please let us know. 

If we already have an 'all donations' gift aid declaration from you, we will continue to claim it on your behalf, unless you say otherwise. BUT - If you're not already signed up for Gift Aid, and you're eligible, please hop over to our website and fill in the form!

It takes under a minute, but with the potential to raise amounts like this, the effects can last a lifetime 🙏


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