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Thank you from those your gifts help daily!

2021 was a year like no other. Many of us were still reeling from 2020 and the pandemic that turned everything upside down.

The last year required perseverance! The pandemic dragged on and its impacts have only just been seen. It has been tough, and I am aware that we've had to send emergency appeals out for needs we could not have predicted.

Thank you if you are one of the faithful supporters who has kept us going through this challenging season.

We are so grateful we can partner with you to respond to the needs we see in Russia. The response we have seen to our Alternative Christmas Gifts and our 'Home' Christmas Appeal has been mind blowing. Thank you!

In 2021 we saw...

  • Two new much-needed showers installed for orphans and young people living at Poshipovo College.

  • Urgent funds raised for orphan mum Maria's bedsit who lost her husband Savely to murder.

  • A constructive discussion on our working as name which revealed how many people are invested in the vision of this charity.

  • Funds raised for a funeral for Women's Crisis Centre resident Katya who sadly passed away in October following a battle with coronavirus.

  • An entirely online fundraiser with our 100km in June challenge - see the link at the bottom for next year's challenge 'MOVE 100'!

  • The completion of the new building for the Women's Crisis Centre.

Finally, Thank you for standing beside us and encouraging me during my first year as CEO of this small but special charity. I am excited for the year ahead and the challenges God has in store for us.

Blessings and thanks,

Anna Thwaites CEO


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