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The chance for forgiveness...

Securing our Shelters this Lent is vital for Savina and other women needing hope from addiction...

The Women's Crisis Centre is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for women like Savina, who have faced unimaginable challenges and hardship. Savina has carried the weight of guilt and feelings of hopelessness for 16 years, ever since her alcoholic husband took their young son to an orphanage and she was unable to regain custody. This devastating event led to a downward spiral for Savina, who turned to alcohol to cope and eventually lost her health, as well as vital documents like her birth certificate.

But with the help of the Women's Crisis Centre and its dedicated staff, Savina has been able to start on the path to healing. With the support of Alina, Savina was able to apply for a new birth certificate and reconnect with her son, who is now 21 years old. This reunion and the chance for Savina to apologize and express her love for her son has been a crucial step in their healing journey.

Unfortunately, Savina has also recently been diagnosed with cancer. But through the support of the Women's Crisis Centre and the generosity of donors like you, she has a chance to receive the care and support she needs during this difficult time. Your support can also help secure the future of the Women's Crisis Centre, by helping them purchase the land on which they stand.

This Lent, please consider donating to the Women's Crisis Centre and supporting women like Savina as they work towards healing and finding peace. Your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of those who have faced unimaginable challenges. Thank you for your support.


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