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The Children at the Heart of Legacy Lodge

two children from youth group project

In the last few blogs we've covered why the children from our Open Hearts Youth Group (OHYG) need Legacy Lodge and how this will work practically. Today let’s look at who it will help, the real motivation behind our Legacy Lodge APp

Shura is one of them, his dad is an alcoholic. His mum is always out, working to pay for the family, and his father’s addiction. When at home, Shura wishes he can escape. Screaming fights and constant swearing means home is a traumatic place to be.

Shura was shy at first, but now he has made friends. At group he knows he is accepted and there are others like him. Here he does not feel ashamed of the problems in his family.

Timur saw domestic abuse until he was 10. Timur would feel the brunt of his father's fists too when defending his mum. To start with Timur was closed with the rest of the group. He was obsessed with violence because of the domestic abuse he’d seen.

Today he is unrecognisable. He has friends now and entertains them with stories of his new obsession – history!

These two boys are seeing huge personal gains just from being part of Dasha’s OHYG, but she knows they need more. Currently due to a lack space they can only meet once a week.

Next time we’ll introduce you to two more children who will benefit from Legacy Lodge.

Find out more about our Appeal that will make Legacy Lodge a reality.


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