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There's a Queue for Crisis

Have you been wondering what life in Russia is like since 24th Feb? We chatted with Alina, the Women’s Crisis Centre manager, to find out...

Despite attempts by the Russian media to conceal current events, Alina talked about 'avoiding the horrors on TV’. She needs to protect her vulnerable women for whom peace is harder to find. Excess emotions would impede their recoveries from addictions and the traumas of domestic abuse so Alina has been doing her best to continue ‘life as normal’ at her centre. This is difficult because many of her ladies have immediate relatives living in Ukraine.

It was clear that Alina is feeling the pressure. A close friend has gone bankrupt, jobs are being lost and the costs involved in running her centre have increased by 31%. This has meant spending an extra £250 every month on food.

She told us that the circumstances of single mums, who already live in poverty, have deteriorated further. Because the cost of living is now unmanageable they are faced with the choice of giving their children up to an orphanage or finding help from a centre like hers. She has also noticed a surge in women experiencing domestic violence too, and there is a queue for her crisis centre.

Alina sighed... "How will people survive without faith in God?" she said. Then with a smile, she added "We will have to increase the size of our mission!" We can always rely on Alina's positivity and her faith that takes action. Please pray for her. We would love to send extra funding for her centre's running costs, for finding ways to accommodate extra families and reach the homeless.


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