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With one dream come true, what's next for Lent 2023?!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you for making a dream come true. We are so happy to share that the crisis centres have now secured this reliable vehicle and have been using it since the end of last year! It’s brought endless benefits helping with hospital trips, food collection, outings for the children and picking up new residents… we could not have achieved this without you.

NEXT MONTH we will be launching the LENT APPEAL 2023!

What can we achieve together this time?

We plan on raising funds that will again benefit BOTH the crisis centres and provide security for them well into the future.


The Women’s Crisis Centre building is owned, but the land it sits on, and the Men’s Crisis Centre building, are both rented. The owner could, at any time, choose to repurpose it.


To secure both facilities permanently by buying the land they both sit on!

Alina and her team have been offered help to buy the Men's Centre building. They need us to help buy the land for £25,000.

Lent begins on February 22nd, but no need to wait - you can begin contributing right now!

Click below for details about the appeal, ideas for fundraising or to make a donation! Every contribution will get a 'Deeds Certificate' (just for fun) showing how much of the land you helped to buy!


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