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Our 12 Charity Projects (Part 1)

It's the end of our financial year and as supporters we thought you'd like to know where your support goes!

If you already do, or would like to regularly support the following projects, READ ON... there's a chocolatey treat in store for you! The following list is of our LONG-TERM projects... it doesn't include the numerous emergency or one-off needs we also respond to.

There are currently 12 of them - here are the first 6 to digest (we'll tell you about the remaining 6 in the next blog).

1. Transition Homes x 4

Aim: To provide low cost, subsidised, secure, temporary homes to orphans and people in difficult life circumstances at risk of homelessness.

Financial Needs:

All flats and their contents need regular maintenance. Mentors invest time collecting rent, paying utilities, maintaining them and keeping a close eye on those living there.

2. Galina's Support Group

Aim: To create a support network for orphan mums and their children who struggle with abandonment issues, poverty, addictions, ill-health and more.

Financial Needs: Galina runs this support group and cares for 10 mums and 17 children. Already low incomes that have worsened during the pandemic have led some to consider placing their children in orphanages. Significant extra funding, in addition to the usual bursaries (£20 - £25 exchange rate dependent), has been provided to prevent this happening.

3. Yan and Nadya's Support Group

Aim: To help and teach vulnerable orphanage leavers (some are young mums) as they adjust to independence and nurture them out of crisis by showing God's love in practical ways.

Financial Needs: Yan and Nadya's group is growing, along with their needs to learn life skills for independent living. During the last year we significantly increased our support for their running costs and Yan and Nadya's expenses.

4. Slava's Orphanage Support Group

Aim: To provide fun or educational activities that connect a group of younger orphans with a responsible adult who they can turn to for support once they leave the orphanage.

Financial Needs: We provide £50 for each day out which includes activities such as BBQs, picnicking, ice-skating or community assistance activities like dog walking and litter collection.

5. Educational Support for Orphans

age 15 - 18

Aim: To connect through friendship and teach life-skills to 30+ orphans living at Poshipovo college. The orphans here are completely unprepared for independent living and most have learning difficulties.

Financial Needs: Slava runs this project which costs around £50 for each life skills session at Poshipovo. We also provide funding for small jobs/work experience for the orphans who live there.

6. Apprentice Workshop for Disabled Youth

Aim: To give disabled young people and those with learning difficulties the opportunity to develop and reach a level of independence while providing support for their families.

Financial Needs: Ira runs this project. She needs our help with ongoing funding for essential equipment and hot meals daily for each apprentice.

If you would like to regularly support our ongoing projects with ANY AMOUNT, we'd like to thank you with a Chocolate treat (the nation's favourite apparently!)

To our existing regular donors - we really appreciate you too! If you'd also like a chocolatey thank you just drop us a 'yes please to chocolate' in the message box:) Click Here


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