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12 week Christmas Countdown: Gift 2 of 12 - Life Skills!

Although needs such as food, clothes, basic education and a bed for the night are taken care of, children in orphanages are not always taught to be resourceful or given much in the way of responsibility. Until the point at which they leave an orphanage they will not have been encouraged to create their own informed opinions of the world nor learned to make decisions. Being responsible for themselves is something they will never have done but are expected to do the moment their state care ceases. They are totally unprepared and it’s a scary time.

One poor decision is all it can take for an orphanage leaver to be damaged by addiction, crime, prostitution, prison or even suicide. However, with the right help, this is avoidable. Having built relationships with young people while still living in state care, once they have left, Love Russia Mentors are in a position to encourage these vulnerable teens to join groups and social occasions where valuable life skills can be taught and nurtured. Skills ranging from the domestic such as shopping, managing money and cleaning to learning about personal responsibility in matters such as health, relationships and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Alternative Gifts help fund numerous areas of Love Russia's work. At only £5, a 'Life Skills Gift' will help provide the materials Mentors need to teach vital skills and habits we usually learn from our parents or guardians and will give disadvantaged young people another step towards independence.

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