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Transition Home Appeal

Facing life unprepared and scared,possessing only the contents of one bag.


In recent years Love Russia has been working closely with Mentors whose compassion for orphanage leavers and young orphan mums is just incredible. At their extremely modest 2nd floor 2 room flat, they invite the vulnerable in and give them space to sleep on the floor for weeks at a time rather than risk them taking to the streets.

To help them with this perpetual problem, a premises is needed where they can offer emergency beds and short term accommodation to orphanage leavers - a Transition Home. The Love Russia team have had this need on our hearts for some time because the amount needed for property in St Petersburg is daunting.

The Transition Home Appeal fundraising Target is - £100,000

This is a huge amount and never before in Love Russia's 23-year history have we dared imagine that funding this big might be achievable. So here we are, stepping out in faith! Read an example of why a place of refuge is needed in St Petersburg, plus more about our Mentors and the Appeal here: Read Sveta's story > The Transition Home Appeal > A simple way to get involved is through our 'Book a Bed' fundraiser!

Book a 'Virtual Bed' in one of our existing Transition Homes and you'll be donating towards a NEW Transition Home for homeless orphanage leavers in St Petersburg. Each of these beds are real beds that orphanage leavers still use or have had to use in the past.

Another way to fund-raise is to download this ONE MONTH calendar. Each day, for one month, remind yourself of all the blessings in your life and find out how blessed you are!

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