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8 years of Alternative Gifts

Over the last 8 years, offering Alternative Gifts at Christmas time has become an integral way in which Love Russia can continue blessing orphanage leavers and other vulnerable people with practical aid.

After a tentative start in 2009 we raised several hundred pounds for winter coats and boots. In more recent years, in excess of £10,000 has been raised to help with all manner of practical gifts such as baby essentials, toys ,bedding, towels and food and clothes for orphanage leavers!

During the last year we’ve been able to send many gifts including...

Fresh towel bundles for each orphanage leaver that needed one. Clean sheets, pillowcases and duvets for each orphanage leaver that needed them. Clothes vouchers for young people who owned only a handful of clothes.

They were overwhelmed with your generosity especially the clothes vouchers that allowed them to go on a ’shopping trip’ which no orphanage leaver would have experienced before.

Please take a look at this years Alternative Gifts where there are 12 new gifts to choose from such as ‘Bible Study Bits’ and ‘Tools for Trades’.

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