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Buying Power this Black Friday

This coming Friday, is the biggest shopping day of the year by a mile - Black Friday!

For one day only, retailers dramatically slash price tags in order to tempt us into buying. Parents frantically purchase the latest games consoles, phones and other tech-everyone is on the lookout for an amazing bargain. There is of course always enough of a sales margin for big businesses to still make millions.

That’s great news for retailers but it can also be good news for Love Russia AND the young people we strive to help. Maybe not with millions (we can dream!) but hopefully with many pounds and pence raised through the fantastic ‘Give as you Live’ scheme.

The scheme means that you can support Love Russia every time you shop online at over 3,000 everyday retailers such as Amazon. John Lewis and Expedia –

They make a donation on your behalf without you spending a penny extra!

1. Visit and choose Love Russia as your charity.

2. Get a donation reminder and install the Shopping Bar to the Google Chrome browser.

It’s safe and simple and only takes a few seconds AND it means you’ll never miss an opportunity to donate - Google searches will notify you of every site that donates by displaying the Give as you Live symbol next to your results.

There’s also a Mobile App so you can Give as you Live on the go - no matter how you prefer to shop - you can support us while you’re doing it.

Your next set of train tickets from the Trainline, for example, could donate around £2 via the Give as you Live scheme - the cost of a night for an orphan mum and baby at the crisis centre.

So, If you’re planning to shop for ANYTHING online this ‘Black Friday’ or any other time, please, please, please register with Give as you Live, tell everyone you know about this amazing opportunity and let’s see if we can get 100 of you raising funds this way by Christmas.

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