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How do you eat an Elephant?

One bite at a time!

At Love Russia, we remind each other of this phrase a lot. The 'elephant' in our case is a metaphor for all the young people Love Russia has had the privilege of helping in the past and will continue helping in the future. Vulnerable orphans, orphanage leavers and orphan mums whose lives are at risk as a result of abuse, poverty, abandonment and institutionalisation. How do we approach helping these people, how do we create solutions and how do we achieve our goals? Who will do what, how and when?

For us (in the UK office), 'one bite' of the elephant could be sharing news, keeping records, picking up the phone, preparing for a Summer Camp or creating a fundraising campaign.

For our Mentors, 'one bite' could be a visit to an orphanage, a kind word, advice, practical help and the offer of a safe place to stay.

For you - a prayer, donation, fundraising, sponsorship, sharing news on social media or passing on a leaflet - are the bite-size pieces that make Love Russia happen.

Each small action working together for good and suddenly our elephant looks a lot less daunting!

If you want to pray each day for Love Russia's work contact us and ask for our News that contains a day by day prayer diary. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share our News stories or ask us for general leaflets to distribute wherever you can.

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