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Happy 'Mothers' Day to our wonderful Mentors!

What do you think of when you hear the word 'Mother'?

Someone who cares about the well-being of others and gives advice perhaps.

Someone who's dependable, can be lent upon and gives comfort.

An overseer while young people grow, a friend and a helper in times of trouble.

The same can be said for our Love Russia Mentors who offer their time and energies to be 'parents' to orphanage leavers. At a time in their lives when so much hinges on influences and decisions, having a person who cares about their actions is so important. Childhoods spent inside institutions mean that most will not have encountered a meaningful parent role model. Orphanage leavers are at risk and vulnerable if left to go it alone.

There are some fortunate orphanage leavers who have the support of a Love Russia Mentor. These adults are doing an amazing job fulfilling the roles of dependable Father and Mother figures to several orphanage leavers at any given time.

This Mothers Day, say a Thank You prayer for...

Alina, Sveta and Vika: Mother figures to around 15 disadvantaged orphan mums who need help to recover from addiction and rebuild their lives. Nadya: Mentor to a number of vulnerable young orphan mums in her area. Discipling and often providing emergency shelter in her own modest flat. Galina and Alina: Mentors to a group of young orphan mums. Teaching life skills needed to become more informed, stable parents. Valentina : Mentor to a group of around 30 vulnerable young people who need her support to complete their college training. Luba & Olga: Mother figures to the girl orphanage leavers, being that person in their lives they can always turn to.

You can support these remarkable people with a regular or one off gift that will enable them to continue this selfless work among vulnerable young people.

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