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The Summer Camp Journey begins!...

2 month ago, this year’s team of Camp Gideon volunteers met for the first time... In just 2 weeks they're off!!

They met at a remote activity centre in the stunning Yorkshire dales. A blessing in itself! The aim of this initial contact (called Training Weekend) was to make friends, dispel concerns, ask questions, and begin planning for the action packed schedule that, this year, could bless up to 80 children!

How did you plan for a camp? The weekend started with us getting to know one another and developing a sense of team. Various personalities soon shone through - musicians, artist, carers, comedians, crafters, joiners and teachers - all with unique gifts and able to offer something different and special for the children. This fantastic Love Russia team quickly developed an atmosphere of fun and ideas were in full flow such as Hawaiian Beach Day, Rocket Launching and Raft Building. Once ideas were shared and skills identified, a fun packed schedule of games, crafts and music came together. In the daily programme, time will be made for those needing space to talk and share about any worries or challenges they face in their day to day lives.

Who goes to Camp? This year we plan on sending 2 Love Russia staff, 14 volunteers, between 10 and 13 Russian interpreters (2 of whom Mentor orphanage leavers all year round)....and anything up to 80 children and their carers!

The children will come from local Estonian orphanages that care for Russian children (25% of Estonia’s population are Russian) as well as foster families who sometimes care for up to 25 children. Most will have encountered some kind of neglect or trauma making them unsure of adults. As some approach their teens, they are vulnerable to dangerous choices. Some have been abandoned because of poverty, others have experienced violent homes or alcoholism and abuse before being placed in Foster care or the institution that is now home.

Many of the foster carers are Christians which makes this camp a fantastic platform to reinforce to the children how wide and deep God's love is for them!

If you'd like to help towards camp, please pray for the team as they bless the children and that the message of Gods love is imprinted on their hearts after a week they'll never forget.

Of course, bringing all these children to camp can add up! If you'd like to help toward one day or the whole trip to camp for a child, please help us 'Send a child to Camp!'

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