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Summer Camp: A whirlwind of fun, and the unexpected...

Team games had us crawling behind bushes, tracking down checkpoints, and evading coastguards. The team led seminars and workshops, and the children chose which topic they wanted to go to. Activities ranged from pizza-making to football, from a beauty salon to a calligraphy class, and everything in between. In the middle of the week Hawaii came to Estonia in the form of a beach party - loud shirts, limbo dancing, fruity drinks - the works. ‘Be Bold, Be Strong’ in Russian was a smash hit, especially with a keyboard, backing dancers and a rock star lead guitarist. A wooden hut was transformed into a sumptuous, magical venue for the evening story - this year’s evening bill included a monkey puppet named Steve.

All this and so much more! A fantastic effort by the team resulted in a bunch of very happy campers.

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