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Finding bed space at the Moses crisis centre is a daily challenge

The four main bedrooms - approximately 4m x 4m each - house between 4 and 6 bunk beds each, plus cots. Some beds accommodate both a mum and a child or perhaps two children. Others may be lucky enough to have a bed all to themselves, but probably not for long!

The turnover of mums here seems to change almost entirely within the space of a year with just a handful remaining who stay on once their recovery and rehabilitation has progressed to the stage they are able to help the other newer mums at the centre. This could be as their 'partner', to make sure a new mum sticks to the house rules and cannot be tempted off their path of recovery when left alone. They may also help with child care or go out to jobs that bring in valuable resources to help sustain the centre.

The current layout is far from ideal as there are so many people in this space. Their quality of life would undoubtedly be improved with more accommodation.

Work has begun!

A half complete building adjacent to the centre, which was no more than a shell, is at last being worked on. Floor boards, insulation and a partition wall is beginning to form a new room that will hopefully be the first of many new bedrooms. The work is being done by long term friend of Love Russia and the Moses Crisis Centre. There will be many more building materials needed to develop the remainder of these upstairs rooms as well as the furniture to fill them and one day, the downstairs, which will house a kitchen, bathrooms and space for counselling.

If you would like to help towards making this happen, a gift of any size will make all the difference.

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