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Wow, wow and WOW!!

The Love Russia supporters are completely amazing. Last Friday we sent out an emergency appeal to supporters in the form of just one email.

We ask if anyone wanted to help Carina a little girl who is staying with her mother at the crisis centre. Carina has serious problems with her eyesight and without surgical intervention; she will lose her sight completely.

The surgery was going to cost £750 and the lenses she needs will cost £25 each month. Alina who runs the centre, got in touch and asked us to pray about a way to find the money as they had nothing to put towards it.

The response was overwhelming.

The email was sent in the morning and by lunchtime, we’d received the £750 we initially asked for! Donations kept on coming via our website and then over the phone - within 72 hours we had three and a half times the amount originally asked for!

This excess is such a blessing. There will of course be ongoing treatment costs for Carina after surgery and there are many other children living at the centre also with medical needs including a 5 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy called Pelegia. Her mum is in prison and her dad is receiving addiction treatment at the men’s crisis centre next door. We know that women and children often arrive with problems that have been left too long due to living in a state of constant chaos, and this seems a fitting use for money donated over and above the cost of saving Carina’s sight.

We have told Alina the wonderful news, who said: “Praise God! Now I will sign Carina on with the doctor in St Petersburg and the hospital where the specialists are. Normally you have to wait a couple of months -This is a miracle!!!”

Thank you to all who donated; for your incredibly quick response, your generosity and love for Carina.

From us all in the Love Russia Team, Thank you.

If you would like to continue giving towards a medical fund for the crisis centre you may do so here >

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