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Community is the Key!

There are more and more studies producing evidence that ‘community’ is good for our health and emotional well being.

The elderly, who increasingly experience loneliness, are encouraged to be part of community groups as it is well documented that those who take part do better physically and emotionally - whether it’s a choir, a walking group or just coffee and chat. The vast majority of us are social creatures and enjoy being involved with others sharing similar interests; sometimes groups, sometimes just one or two special people – either way, we know it is good to be around others, to share joy, to laugh, to hug and congratulate! Equally as valuable, this community can be there in those moments we need someone to listen, to understand and help, to get us back on track and feeling like ‘ourselves’ in times of distress.

Church has a long history of groups getting together in the community and recent findings suggest that being part of this special community actually can make you live longer! Churchgoers on the whole are less stressed, feel wanted, valued and needed by others. It’s a recipe for feeling loved!

Our very first experience of community for all of us is supposed to be the family we are born into. One or more special people who definitely want, value, need us and spend much of their lives doing their best to make it less stressful! For orphans, the people they need to fulfil this built in need are ripped away.

Orphans who grow up in institutions are placed into communities that do their best with what’s available. But, because of the sheer quantity of children, although some are fortunate enough to be part of smaller ‘family groups’ of around 15 children, they will never experience the level of family attention a child’s heart cries out for and needs from the moment they’re born.

All the evidence points towards community and family as the most valuable aspect of a person’s well being; providing belonging, a sense of worth, the feeling of being needed and necessary as well as a safety net. It is for this reason we choose to support the projects we do. Young orphan mums’ initiatives providing community, a rehab and refuge project that keeps mums and babies together and bonding small families, Mentor support for vulnerable teens who need someone to look up to and take a lead from at a time in their lives when crucial decisions can make or break their futures.

If like us, you agree that family and community can make a vital difference please consider supporting one of our projects!

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