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Do You Consider Yourself Blessed?

Blessings can depend on the family you were born into, your country of birth, childhood education, gender and health - all are circumstances we have no control over. Likewise, the people Love Russia seeks to help did not have control over where and how their lives began; childhoods spent in institutions resulting in a lack of education and poverty.

Lucia and Katya are both orphans with learning difficulties and had it not been for their mentors teaching and encouraging them as orphanage leavers, they'd have been totally alone. Mentors include them in their own lives and establish a community that accepts them and their struggles, providing the love of a family that they were denied in their childhoods.

Tomorrow marks the start of our Lent Appeal.

This easy little fundraiser works by 'Taxing' ourselves a little each day for the many gifts in our lives we have grown used to.

You can follow each day (or work your way through in one go if you like!)

OR, you can download the poster HERE.

You may like to join the Lent Appeal on Facebook where you'll be notified of each day's blessing and you can join in the chat. Thank you for your compassion towards orphans and adults in crisis, we are so grateful for your support.

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