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Reliant on God's Provision

The crisis centre only survives thanks to God's provisions...

We’re so looking forward to the new building being finished so more women and their children can find refuge there. Last summer’s building team helped finish the first floor bedrooms so only the ground floor needs finishing. As part of this, a commercial heating system needs to be installed. This will cost £17,000; an amount we hadn’t predicted when we first began fundraising. However, we feel convicted to finish what we started. On completion of this new building, the men from the men’s centre next door can relocate from their dilapidated building to the building the women currently use.

Latest news from the centre...

There are always new women arriving in desperate need at the centre. Oksana and Katya arrived most recently and need your prayers.

Oksana needed refuge after running away from a violent husband.

Katya is a young orphan mum who would be homeless if not for the centre.

Nastya has been at the centre for over a year. In that time she's recovered from alcoholism and suffered the loss of her feet due to infection after years spent in a slum. Devastatingly, she now has cancer and has a significant growth on her neck (not shown as it is too distressing for general viewing; this is Nastya after being treated to a haircut and feeling well). Please pray for her faith, her comfort and for the support she has at the crisis centre.

Vika, a mentor and right hand woman to Alina (who runs the centre), has given birth to a beautiful baby girl! This is such happy event as Vika's story has been a long and difficult one. You can hear Vika's story by booking a talk. Or, ask us for Vika's short video story to share as an example of what is being achieved through the refuge and support programme at this centre.

Please keep both the men's and women's facilities in your prayers.... Please also consider whether you feel led to help financially. We know if you do God will bless your gifts towards this work.

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