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Love Healing Wounds

Yan and Nadya's care for orphans is exemplary. The orphans they spend time with are being healed from very deep emotional wounds because of their compassion. As well as everyday practical and emotional support, they take them away on camp. It was a bumpy start this year but the rewards were great, as Nadya explains; “The day before leaving we were shocked to be told our accommodation had been double-booked and given to someone else! On the verge of cancelling we found a place to stay but had no idea what to expect. Our unknown location was disappointing, dark and dirty but we did all we could to make it clean, cosy and nice. By the time our young people arrived we were ready! The theme for camp was ‘relationships’; how to build them and make them healthy. Without having had real meaningful relationships to learn from, our orphans tend to struggle in this area. We discussed the ‘5 love languages’; giving time, showing acts of kindness, affirming words, touch (we all need hugs!) and the giving and receiving of gifts. It was a joy to demonstrate these languages with them, in particular, gift-giving.

Almost every day, one of them had a birthday with cake, presents and singing. One girl cried so much, saying 'it was the best birthday she'd ever had'. For the first time in 25 years she felt loved, special and appreciated. After our difficult start, the week turned out to be so much fun. We hiked in the rain, made hot dogs, had a party and a talent show! But by far, the greatest reward this week, was seeing six young people respond to the gospel and accept Christ as their Saviour! We thank you so much for your prayers and finances that helped towards this camp. It was not an easy task to prepare and lead, but it was all worth it.” - Nadya Since camp, four orphans decided to be baptised. One of them shared tears of joy, saying: "I never knew what a family was. Living in an orphanage, I did not feel loved and was told that after leaving I would end my life badly. Nobody believed in me, but thanks to Christ I was saved, I am now in the family of God. I was accepted as I am and through the people of the church I feel God's love."

Yan and Nadya work hard to develop wonderful relationships with each of their young people. Because of them, so many orphans have learned how valued and special they are for the first time in their lives. You can support Yan and Nadya's work with orphans through our Guardians and Angels campaign by clicking on the link below.

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