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Lives in Extreme Poverty

The average minimum wage in Russia is 73.5 RUB per hour - just 92p. So, IF an orphan or mum in poverty manages to find regular work for 40 hours per week and their employer agrees to pay them the minimum wage they will earn just £36.76 per week. For the vast majority of Russians, incomes have declined for five years in a row and dramatic cuts have been implemented towards healthcare and education too. All this, while the price of food continues to increase (between 50% - 80% from 2015 to 2019). Today, one in eight Russians officially live in “extreme poverty,” that is, on less than £114.88 a month. (Source: Considering rent, transport and necessities like clothes, the cost of living is proportionally so high it is impossible for the average Russian to make ends meet.

How is coronavirus impacting incomes?

Similarly to the UK, the Russian government has put financial support in place to protect people's finances while they are unable to work. However, many of the most vulnerable do not work officially. Those with low education or no identity documents (most orphans) find unofficial jobs are their only option. This means they will not receive financial support from the government so their income has just stopped. We have already had messages from young people who are now unable to afford basic food shopping. Below are some examples of the cost of living from two cities where Love Russia supports many orphans and mums in poverty...

Looking at these figures it is clear to see what a big difference a monthly bursary of £22 from Love Russia, makes to the people we support. If you are able, please consider if you can commit £22 a month to help an orphan or young mum in poverty.

How can I support those in poverty in Russia?

  1. Pray for them, especially for vulnerable single parent families and orphanage leavers with no family.

  2. Pray for Russia's economy

  3. Pray that Russia's leaders would consider an increase in minimum wage levels.

  4. Give financially to support those who receive bursaries from Love Russia.

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