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A Heads-Up on our Upcoming Christmas Appeal!

In recent months we have noticed a significant increase in the number of people we serve through our projects who are seriously ill. With our upcoming Christmas Appeal, we aim to be able to help more. Treatment and medicine, in comparison to incomes in Russia, come at a huge cost and none of those we serve can afford the steep medical bills without help.

These illnesses have included a child needing intensive care with hepatitis that was damaging her liver. Several women have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer, a child needed treatment for pneumonia, several children were malnourished due to poverty and time spent being homeless and then there is 12-year-old Katya with her extensive congenital health problems whom we wrote to you about on August 17th.

On top of these more serious illnesses, every winter our orphan mum families find that the cost of medicine to treat their children with seasonal sickness is financially too much for them, and extra help is always needed.

Each Christmas we hold a small appeal, and this year it seems right to try and increase our funding pot for medical care – we know that the needs will keep coming, along with those impossible bills that our beneficiaries simply cannot pay.

Thank you to all of you who have already helped Katya and others we support. Please keep a look out for the 'Christmas Prescription Appeal' in a couple of weeks where we will be asking those who can, to consider donating the equivalent of an extra UK prescription charge.

Read more about those we’ve helped in recent years by clicking here.


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