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Call back when he's killed you

Did you know that in Russia one woman dies every 40 minutes as a result of domestic abuse?

A culture that promotes male dominance, suffers poverty and addictions makes Russia a melting pot where the risk of becoming a victim is significantly higher. For orphans who often witnessed abuse at a young age and were not taught about unhealthy relationships, the risk is even higher and

These problems start at the top. In Russian law, an assault on your wife or family member is treated as an administrative offense and considered a ‘family matter' meaning perpetrators are free to act without consequence. When victims have cried out to the police for help, they're met with disinterest and even blame. These are real responses from real situations…

“Call back when he’s actually killed you.” “Maybe if you didn’t provoke him, he would not need to beat you.”


Women who've tried to escape are encouraged by the authorities, and sometimes their own families, to reconcile with their abuser for ‘the sake of the children'. In reality, surviving without them can mean choosing to be homeless. Poverty is a huge factor determining whether a woman will remain, even when living in fear of losing her own life.


The Women’s Crisis Centre has worked hard to provide the safety these families need. Protection, support, legal advice (learned entirely by Alina who runs the Centre) and more recently, a second building in a secret location where abusers cannot find them. Their services are provided free of charge; but donations are needed to make that possible!

It costs just £7.50 for one person to stay at the Women’s Crisis Centre for a week, £50 for a whole family for one month. If you are able, please consider supporting this rare, and desperately needed lifeline that is saving the lives of women and their children in danger.

If you have any questions about our projects, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!


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