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Connection Under Threat

In recent months, as Russia and the rest of the world grows further apart, ordinary Russians fear the fall of the curtain once more. This letter, from one of our partners, describes how life has changed for them...

Dear God's family,

Thank you for your support of our orphan ministry.

It's hard to describe our feelings during this difficult time. There are fears and pain for those who are suffering. Our orphans are fearful too but we continue to hold on to God's promises.

Strict control in our country means much of the internet is blocked and we are shut out from the world. Government monitoring means we cannot respond to risky questions online as it would put our family's safety at stake. Facilities are closing, people are losing their jobs and groceries are bought out. People are scared and worried about the future.

We are troubled and shocked about the situation in Ukraine. This fight has brought many curses, and it seems the whole world hates us. We feel the weight of this and there is a feeling of spiritual darkness, fear, and hopelessness everywhere.

As believers, we cry out to God and pray for Ukraine, USA and Russia for their leaders and for peace. We hope this madness ends soon and that through it people will seek God.

Our ministry has not stopped and we continue to share the Gospel with our orphans. There are more and more needs to be met.

With the love of Christ, - Anon

It's heart-breaking to hear that there's 'hopelessness everywhere'.

Recent events meant some expected our support to fall away - but this cannot happen. Due to sanctions, our beneficiaries are worse off than before.

In recent months, the cost of living in Russia increased by 31% so surviving as a single mum or feeding a whole crisis centre full of women and children (like these four above), just got a whole lot tougher!

Help us turn their hopelessness into hope.


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