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Here's what your support means

Still undecided about whether you can commit to Prayer and a Pound Sponsorship? Here's what some of those who rely on support, told us...

"I wandered the streets pregnant before the crisis centre helped me." – Orina

My husband works hard but it's not enough to pay the bills." – Ksusha

"I was left alone on the street with nowhere to live and no place to eat." – Milo

"My husband was mobilised so I am struggling financially." – Serafima

"I need help. I can't cope with providing clothes for my children." - Odessa

Many of the people supported by this program were orphaned as children. Poverty plagues all of them as they battle to keep their children from a system that took them when they were young.

As a Christian charity, we believe in, and know the power of prayer. It would mean a lot to these individuals to know someone cares enough to pray for them often...

...and your pounds, that sustain the projects they rely on, make a difference in their lives too...

Anastasia is an orphan mum who lives in poverty in overcrowded accommodation...

“I really love our meetings. They help us to get to know each other better so we can support each other in our everyday problems. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be supported by a sponsor. God bless you and your families!" - Anastasia

Liza is also an orphan mum and has experienced domestic abuse in the past, after a second failed marriage she is now finding it impossible to manage as a single parent...

"I’d like to thank our sponsors and friends that make it possible for us to meet in our support group, have a cup of tea and talk over our problems. Thank you for all that you do for us and our children." - Liza


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