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Last Chance for Mother and Son

Age 13, Maxim has spent half his life in an institution separated from him mum.

The projects we fund can have a monumental impact on children's futures.

At 13 years old, Maxim has spent half his life in an orphanage separated from his mum Alesya. On the brink of being denied her parental rights by authorities, Alesya has been offered one last chance to rebuild a life with her son... a life that he wants and needs.

Alesya is desperate to change her life.

Originally from Belarus this small family, like so many, fell apart because of addiction. Alesya is an alcoholic, her addiction so bad that she was no longer able to provide any level of care for her son Max. He was taken to an orphanage so she could be sent to a clinic. After her treatment she collected Max but like most of those who attempt sobriety, she relapsed... and so this repeated for six whole years.

Maxim's orphanage recommended the crisis centre where they as a family could find rehabilitation that is lasting with follow-up support.

Alina who runs the crisis centre knows that the programme that keeps mothers WITH their children while undergoing rehabilitation really does work, not least because God is central to their recovery. She is confident but concerned...

"Given the number of years Alesya and Maxim have spent apart, there is a lot of work to be done to help them rebuild their relationship".

Being new at the centre, Alesya is wary of the other mums who just want to help... as for Max, he immediately joined the team of teenage children!

Please pray for this last chance for Alesya and Max to be a family. For Max on the edge of growing up it is crucial to have this chance to get his mum back healthy and well.

The centre has reached more about it here...

Love Russia supports them with general running costs including food. They need around £2,000 every month for food, nappies and medicines for the 24 women and 33 children currently in their care.

Thank you for reading today's news and keep Alesya and Maxim in your prayers. You can support the centre by donating a plate this Lent!


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