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Make a Difference with Your Prayer Life

Have you decided who to pray for yet?

Our Prayer and a Pound sponsorship campaign continues – in fact this is going to be a permanent fixture of how you can help. As a Christian charity, prayer and funding are the two most important facilitators of our work, so tell your friends and family if they would also like to be praying for someone specific in need.

We have 30 individuals needing sponsorship. They are either an orphan mum living in poverty like Oktyabrina, or someone who has found refuge in one of the crisis centres who is homeless, in poverty, perhaps needing treatment for addiction, or like Nika (pictured above), someone who escaped domestic violence.

All need support and will hugely appreciate knowing someone has committed to pray regularly for them and is supporting the project that helps them. Your pounds will go towards the running costs of the group or centre an individual benefits from. Financial, emotional and practical aid are always split fairly to ensure everyone in need is cared for.

Thank you to those of you who have already chosen someone to pray for; there are plenty more still in need of a sponsor! You can choose someone to pray for by clicking the link below, or if you would like us to choose someone for you, email us at with your phone number and we'll call you.


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