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Our Prayers and Thoughts on the Ukraine Crisis

Like everyone, we are heartbroken by the current situation.

As a charity that strives to help Russians in extreme poverty, abused women and children and others recovering from trauma and addictions, how do we feel personally about what is going on?

We are a small group of Christians who operate this work, and as believers of God’s Word, unrest in the world comes as no surprise. The Bible says clearly that trouble and opposition to peace will come, that ‘nation will rise against nation’.

These latest developments do not change the way we feel about the ordinary Russian. One close acquaintance said this - This is not my choice. This is not my war. But I’m ashamed. Many of my friends are of the same opinion as me.” Another said that they feel like ‘a monster’. Ordinary Russians are as terrified as the rest of the world whose hearts want peace. The Russian people we partner with are all Christians – their hearts are broken too.

Raising awareness and help for Russia’s vulnerable has never been a straightforward task. The mistrust and fear of those in charge has long been a barrier for some to see people in need. Now, our reality is this - helping Russian orphanage leavers and others in crisis is going to be a greater challenge than it was before both emotionally and physically.

So where do we go from here?


We pray for the lives and safety of Ukrainians and for ordinary Russians whose lives will be harder as a result of sanctions.

We pray for goodness to conquer, and peace to reign.

We pray that our friends and partners will know the love of God and a deepened faith as they depend on Him more in the days ahead.

We pray that we will continue to remember that by supporting a crisis centre we are saving a child or an abused mother from a life on the streets, or that a £30 donation makes life bearable for an orphanage leaver or single mum so they can afford to eat.

We will keep going, and ask you too, to pray.

God bless.


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