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Securing our shelters starts TODAY!

Today is the start of Lent 2023! A time when we remember love shown through the ultimate sacrifice.

The projects benefitting from our Lent Appeal this year are run by people demonstrating incredible love and sacrifice because of what Jesus has done for them. We’ve worked with them for 10 years helping to grow and establish two amazing crisis centres where over 250 families and 100s of men have been helped.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Crisis Centres sit on the same plot of land that we would like to buy and secure for them permanently!

Currently, the Women's Crisis Centre is the only building owned, and rent is paid on both the land and the Men's Crisis Centre building.

A church, local to them, is stepping in and helping them buy the Men's Centre building. To buy the land, the most important part of the puzzle for permanent security, they need our help.

To do it, we need to raise £25,000.

We need your help to smash our £25,000 target and here are some fundraising ideas to get us there:

☕🍰 Get others involved - hold a coffee and cake morning or a sale where everything costs £3.30 - enough to help buy 1m² of land with every purchase.

🏡 Are you a homeowner? Estimate the square metres of your own plot and donate 5-10p for every square metre you’ve been blessed with!

👟 Enjoy walking? Organise a sponsored walk! The total square meterage of the plot is 7,500m². In a straight line this is 7.5 kilometres - perfect for a group challenge and a distance suitable for children.

💰 Straightforward donations are always welcome too. £33 for example, would be enough to help buy 10m² of land for the crisis centres.

However you fundraise or donate, you'll get a pretend 'deeds' certificate (just for fun!) stating how much land you've helped to buy. We'd love to see photos if you do get up to any fundraising activity!

A reminder of why this land so important…

  • Up to 80 people in crisis at any given time can find shelter and support here.

  • It contains the hall where they meet for church.

  • It's a hub for homeless outreach.

  • There's a playground, a multi-use games area for children.

  • There’s lots of space for growing vegetables, keeping a small number of livestock and plenty of parking!

  • Please help us seize this opportunity and provide permanent security for these projects.


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