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Support for Orphans is Long-Term

Natasha is an orphan who needs regular support. Her childhood was spent in orphanages, and after she aged out of the orphanage system, she was placed in a remote, residential college for a couple of years with around 40 other orphans considered to be learning disabled.

Natasha is now in her own bedsit, which on the surface, sounds like a great opportunity for a young person to have their own place... until you understand that this presents bigger challenges. Orphans are unprepared for independence, unable to care for themselves in many practical ways. She has emotional problems too and difficulty knowing how to form healthy attachments; not knowing when it's OK to trust or if she's being taken advantage of.

Love Russia mentor Slava has been in her life for many years and is a constant friend and source of guidance as she adapts to independent living. Regular donations allow us to support Slava's time with orphanage leavers like Natasha who benefit from regular visits and phone calls, fun days out, Bible studies, and lots of practical support. As the closest, most reliable person in her life, Slava also bears the brunt of her frustrations when life gets hard for her.

Without him, she would be very lost, susceptible to emotional abuse, at higher risk of teen pregnancy, in danger of developing addictions, or being used and swindled out of the little money she has.

Regular giving allows us to support mentors like Slava who've been called to care for orphans by showing Christian compassion and the means to keep them safe.

Thank you for taking a moment to read out Natasha who needs regular support. Please pray for her, others like her, and the mentors who facilitate this work with orphans.

To set up and find out more about regular giving, head to:

Or, call us on 0115 983 1100, and we'll help you set it up!


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