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Surviving Domestic Abuse

It's a sad fact that the laws in Russia are inadequate at protecting vulnerable women in situations of domestic abuse.

Unless an attack on a victim is near fatal, there are little or no consequences for the perpetrator. Without access to money or a home for themselves and their children, leaving is not often an option.

Love Russia supports a special place providing women and their children with a way to escape.

The following is about Snezhana and how staying at the crisis centre has totally changed her life...

Snezhana was beaten as a child and went on to experience violence while homeless on the streets. Later, as a wife, she was subjected to regular beatings; she searched for a whole year to find people she could trust and a means of escape. She found the 'Warm House' women's crisis centre.

How Her Life Changed

Since being there, Snezhana has become a Christian. She was baptised last summer and loves being part of the church. Alina, her mentor, has supported Snezhana to find a job she can manage alongside being mum to Timofey and Nikolai which is an important step on her journey to independence.

She is growing in confidence after years of being put down.

When she first arrived, Snezhana could not speak about her trauma as it was too painful to think about.

Now, in contrast, we know that she recently she talked on a radio show about her experiences of domestic violence; determined that other victims of abuse can find help too.

At the centre Snezhana is being taught by Alina about safe relationships. Having lost her mother at a young age and experiencing brutality from her distant father, her perception of what she is worthy of is finally changing. Snezhana says:

“I am grateful to all who serve God reviving people like me! I love my church and the support that comes with it. Thank you”.

That support comes from as far as us here in the UK - Alina and all the women staying at the centre are incredibly grateful and tell us regularly they could not do this without us - YOU!. Your support has facilitated the centre to grow, meet desperate needs and change lives.

This is an on-going project with plans to continue rescuing women for many years to come. Please support this amazing work. You can donate to this project right here > DONATE


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