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A centre supporting over 50 vulnerable women and children needs over £1000 every month to keep going...

Choose a family/individual from the people below and the amount you would like to sponsor them.

From £12.50 (1 weeks support) to £50 (the whole month).

Names have been changed for protection but we will share with you the name of the people/person you are sponsoring, a picture, what we know of their story and how you can support them in prayer. Should that family/individual move on from the centre during your sponsorship, we will allocate you a someone new.

Your sponsorship will contribute to funding the whole crisis centre that continues providing refuge and rehabilitation to women escaping violence, homelessness, addiction and poverty.

Sofia's Family

Sofia is 42. Her life was filled with trauma from the start. Separated from her mum at age 5 and beaten by her dad, she ended up in a violent relationship with a drug addict as an adult. It took Sofia a great deal of courage to leave and come to the centre. 

Lidiya's Family

Lidiya is 29 and has a baby girl. Lidiya has mild learning difficulties and her family stole her identity papers leaving her homeless. With no home or identity, she was at risk of losing her baby to an orphanage - the crisis centre gave her a home and are helping her overcome her family betrayal.

Maria's Family

Maria is 30 and has a son and a daughter. Originally from Ukraine, a drink problem arose due to the emotional toll of war. After many years of failed attempts to stop and her children being taken from her, she found help 1000 miles away at the centre.

Izabella's Family

Izabella has 3 children and a new born baby.
She arrived addicted to drugs and is now in recovery. She is a very involved member of the centre having been there for over a year and has taken on the role of encouraging newer ladies to the centre.

Nastya's Family

Nastya is staying at the centre because she was beaten severly by her husband for a very long time. The last time she sustained head injuries and now has difficulties walking.


Marta is 60. She arrived at the centre in a desperate state, having been made homeless by her drug addicted son. She too has battled with alcoholism. She loves the children, supports the mums and helps with the endless washing and chores! 

Tasya's Family

Tasya has no home or anywhere to live. She had problems with alcohol for a long time and came to the crisis centre for help. Tamara has a baby daughter aged 1.

Tamara's Family

Tamara has 5 children. She has successfully been through the recovery programme at the centre and now helps encourage the other women.

Sashenka's Family

Sashenka went through the centre's restoration program and is now member of the crisis centre's local church. She has two sons.


Nadya has no family and after losing her home several years ago she was homeless for a couple of years. She now has a home at the centre.


Zibiah is very elderly was brought to the centre after being found sleeping for 4 nights at a local train station. She has many health problems and needs round the clock care. Until more suitable accommodation can be found she is staying at the crisis centre.

Ekaterina's Family

Ekaterina is pregnant and arrived only this May. she has nowhere to live, and nothing. Her partner was cruel towards her and her mother demended Ekaterina to "get an abortion or never show up again."
Her baby is due mid-July.

Inga's Family

Inga is 30 and her baby was born in February 2020. Her mum was a sex worker and Inga ended up following in her footsteps.

A life of drink, drugs and a toxic relationship caused her to hit rock bottom and seek help at the centre. 

Kiara's Family

Kiara is 21. She endured violence from her mother's alcoholic partner  and at age 6 her cries for help were heard and she was placed in a foster home. Drink and drugs became a problem in her teenage years and she sought help at the centre after her son was born.

Oksana's Family

Oksana (43) arrived at the centre with 3 sons.  She had battled with many toxic relationships and alcohol addiction for a long time. She found it impossible to recover without love and support which she has now found at the centre.

Kira's Family

Kira is at the centre now for the second time after recovering from alcohol addiction. She relapsed while pregnant with her third child and is now trying to get well again for her children.

Yana's Family

Yana grew up in a dysfunctional family environment and developed drink,drug and gambling habits. She was sleeping rough and close to committing suicide, then she got pregnant. This is when she heard about the centre and found help.

Lidia's Family

Lidia had been drinking alcohol for a long time and came to the centre at the same time her husband sought help at the men's rehabilitation centre. Both are in recovery but are very poor. They have 2 children.

Sabina's Family

Sabina has 4 children living with her at the crisis centre. She came here to flee the domestic violence inflicted on her. Her husband, who had problems with drink, has now sought help and is in recovery at the men's crisis centre next door.


Inna is an elderly lady who was deceived by scammers which left her homeless and living on the street.

People from the crisis centre rescued her and gave her a home. 

Viveca's Family

Viveca, who has battled addiction and a life that caused her to end up in jail, came and recovered at the centre 7 years ago. She now helps to run the centre.

Viveca has 3 children.

Mila's Family

Mila has undergone a drug rehabilitation programme a the centre. Her son is an addict so Mila still needs support as she raises her granddaughter

Ivana's Family

Ivana has learning disabilities. She needed help from the centre to recover from alcohol addiction and get her son back from an orphanage.


Isidora has cerebral palsy and is one of the crisis centre's childless women. She lived with her mother but when her mum married, the step-father began to beat them both. Isidora was kicked out of the house. She has had a very difficult life where no other organisation was willing to help her.

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