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At an amazing Crisis Centre, far from the glamour of a major Russian city, women are finding refuge and support with their children. They have fled here to escape domestic abuse, or find relief from homelessness and poverty, or find freedom from addiction.

The care here is FREE - the mothers will contribute as soon as they are able. To meet the running costs of the Women's Crisis Centre we fundraise and seek sponsors for the families living there.


We invite you to sponsor an individual or whole family at the Centre with a regular donation. £12.50 a month will cover a week's refuge for an individual or £50 a month will cover a month's support for a whole family.


We cannot match sponsors with specific families due to the importance of protecting the identity of women at the Centre. Many of them arrive here having escaped dangerous relationships.

The women there are told of you, their sponsors. That you know their stories, pray for them and support the Centre.

We cannot offer direct contact.



 1. Choose whether you want to sponsor an individual or a whole family. 

2. Complete your details and sign up.

3. We'll send you a pack!