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We are a UK based charity that cares for and empowers vulnerable people in Russia...

orphanage leavers, mums in crisis, at risk children, adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and those coping with extreme poverty.



Compared to the UK, Russia has a huge number of orphans. Many grow up into lives of crime, addiction, poverty and abuse. Some also end up with their own children placed into orphanages.

We believe that by providing support through community based projects and equipping orphanage leavers, mums who are orphans and at risk of having their own children removed from their care (due to addiction, poverty or abuse), we are providing a solution to reduce the number of children being placed into orphanages. 


can fund a day of crisis centre shelter and rehabilitation for an orphan mum and her children.


can fund basic essentials for people in poverty such as clean towels, bedding and food.


will help support an orphanage leaver for a month so they can afford to live.

Get Involved and Stay Up-to-Date!

We'd love to send you updates and stories about the people and projects we support as well as a regular prayer diary to get you involved.

We can't do it without you!

A bake sale that raises £50...

...could provide a month of rehab & refuge for an orphan mum & her children

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COVID: Working with the current restrictions in place and some staff working from home, the office is running on reduced opening hours.

We aim to be open Monday - Friday 9.30 - 2.00pm

If we’re unavailable during the above times, please leave your name and number and we WILL get back to you!

Love Russia

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Love Russia in partnership with...
Evangelical Aliance
Caring Hands
Heart for Orphans
SAC Orphans
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Stoneworks International

Registered Charity: 1092154

Company Number: 04222680

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