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Love Russia provides three transition homes that are able to take in orphans at the point they leave the orphanage system.

Here they can live without fear of becoming homeless and have regular guidance from a mentor and learn from them the things most learn from parents. Once they have been helped to find work they can live on significantly reduced out-goings until they are ready for complete independence.

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When a young person ages out of the Russian orphanage system they are mostly unprepared for life and what it means to be independent.

Some struggle with the most basic of self-care and self-discipline.


With no understanding about how to plan for the future, challenged by complicated forms, lacking in a good education and no parents to guide them, many orphanage leavers will find themselves homeless.



Love Russia works in partnership with mentors who supervise these homes and take responsibility for the maintenance and the young people living in them.

Providing shelter in a transition home to an orphanage leaver opens up many opportunities. These secure environments allow them to develop in many ways including learning to cook, clean and care for themselves - all the things most of us learn from having a family.


With the support of a Love Russia Mentor a transition home is a place where they can prepare for greater independence and stand on their own once they are ready.

What Your 


Donations towards our emergency homes help maintain and equip them with beds and cookers etc. They also assist mentors with expenses incurred by running these homes as well as subsidising orphans who are not yet able to contribute. 

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