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How blessed are you?

A pair of shoes, a comfy bed, an education, employment, money to buy food; do we consider these things blessings? Or simply 'our right', as human beings? Perhaps 'we earned it' because we worked hard for qualifications or a particular job. Or maybe, because of the way we've lived our lives, we deserve all the gifts that make our lives comfortable.

There's no doubt that for many the more you put in, the more you get out. While this is true, our blessings begin with circumstances starting from birth and childhood. There is always a catalyst to growth which could be in the form of a supportive family, a particular teacher who sees potential, an employer willing to take a chance or a perhaps a business loan granted because of references from people who believe in you.

Experiencing abandonment and a childhood spent in state institutions leading into a life of poverty, orphanage leavers in Russia need a catalyst of change too. Without one, life will continue to be extremely hard, all too often plummeting into desperation, crime and addiction.

Love Russia Mentors are the supportive family who see potential in these young people. Genesis bursaries assist them as they learn skills with the hope of finding jobs and Transition Homes provide security long enough to find independence.

You can be the catalyst that brings change to vulnerable young people too. Love Russia’s current appeal is for a new Transition Home to support Yan and Nadya’s orphan ministry work in St Petersburg. Remind yourself over the coming month how blessed you are by downloading our 'Blessings Tax Calendar' and raising a few pounds towards the appeal. Download the calendar here see how blessed you are day by day!

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