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Self Sacrificing Lives of Mission

All of our mentors have chosen a life of mission; selfless commitment to serve others where the Lord has led them and given them a hearts for the vulnerable. All of them carry out this work with a smile. They are cheerful, reliable, hard-working and positive. One of them is a Pastor as well as a mentor to multiple orphans. He is an incredible role model and the young people love him, respect him and look to him for guidance in so many areas of their lives where they are lost and need healing.

We're so in awe of these individuals who have hearts that keep on giving… it's easy to forget the immense pressures on them that take their toll.

Financial Pressures: They've taken on voluntary roles that almost no one else wants to do and the amount of time it is necessary to invest in vulnerable young adults and orphanage leavers means they are unable to take on a regular paid work to support their immediate family. The wife of one mentor works hard as a fluent English speaking tour guide, but, even this skilled profession provides only a fraction of what is needed to support their family as wages in Russia are extremely low and the cost of living is disproportionate.

Health Pressures: All have experienced feelings of discouragement as an orphan's journey to independence is never straight forward. They are frequently tested but faith holds them firm, confident that they have been placed in these roles to fulfil God’s purposes.

These pressures are where Love Russia’s involvement is vital... ■ In thankless roles of ministry - we thank them for their hard work. ■ In unsupported roles - we support them with prayer. ■ In these lonely roles - we are their colleagues with whom they can discuss, seek advice and practical solutions from. ■ In these self sacrificing and unpaid roles - it’s entirely because of sponsorship from Love Russia supporters that all our mentors can survive while maintaining their work with vulnerable orphans and adults.

Please consider if you are able to support with any amount on a regular basis and pray for the strength needed to effectively carry out these lives of submission.

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