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£25 Changing Vulnerable Lives

Whole families we support are trying to survive on incomes between £125 and £250pcm. This is why £25 - £50 monthly bursaries make a HUGE difference.

Last term we supported 32 teenage students and 15 orphan mums with bursaries through our Education Support programme and Support Group projects.

These teenagers and young mums are all vulnerable in some way. The loss of parents, poverty, being a single parent, addictions and disabilities are just some of their struggles. The demands of life on them are high. Without our support they are unlikely to make it. Here are two people we have supported with bursaries this year...

Student Alexandra

Alexandra's mum is Ukrainian so has no rights to work in Russia and lives with the threat of deportation. She picks up cleaning jobs but has accumulated lots of debt. Alexandra’s step-father also lives with them but doesn’t work. Alexandra and her brother receive a small pension as their father died but her mum and stepfather take this and use it for themselves. Alexandra is very neglected physically and emotionally and is often hungry. She feels very alone in the world due to her mother’s disinterest. Her bursary gives her money for food and the hope that, once she becomes a teacher, she can become independent.

Orphan Mum Fatima

Fatima has two small girls. She works hard as a nursery nurse to care for her family but earns just £250 a month. Her rent, excluding utilities, is around £168pcm and the remainder is not enough to feed them all so she relies on our bursary to do so. She is often getting into debt with her utility payments as her income is too low to manage.


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